Welcome to the Shadow Association website

The Shadow X is a high performance single-handed catamaran with an asymmetric spinnaker.

The Shadow developed into the Shadow X with a larger spinnaker which provides extra lift & the ability to sail lower / faster downwind. Shadows & Shadow X race at Class events.

The efficiency of the new sail & SCHRS rating for the Shadow X  improves competitiveness in handicap fleets while maintaining great class racing.  If required, there is a retrofitable conversion kit to 'X' your classic Shadow.



  • awesome upwind AND downwind
  • 102kg fully rigged
  • simple, powerful controls
  • tacks quickly
  • extremely responsive
  • low sheet loads
  • one-design racing
  • comparable performance to 2-handed cats
  • competitive in Open events













So you want a Shadow......What next?

This usually means that you've had a go and realise that there's no choice, you simply have to have one.  Or you've seen one sailing at a local club or cat event and it looks like too much fun.


I want a new Shadow X
I want  second hand Shadow X
Want a new one.  Lucky you.  Contact White Formula (see below). Want a 'preloved' one.  They are sometimes hard to find second hand.  Try the Class Forum, usual Press and websites.  Contact the Class Association for help and advice.  We may even know of one currently unadvertised!